Guitar Custom - Solid Paint

The Guitar Fabric proposes to create your own guitar from our guitar kit by using our experts in guitar painting and guitar building at the best price!

Select your guitar kit, the solid opaque color for body and neck and the string action. Our expert will then do all the necessary adjustment on the guitar kit to create your custom high quality guitar.

Count a maximum of 1 month and half to receive your custom guitar (from experience, expect 2 to 3 weeks for the painting steps, 1 week for the guitar kit assembly and 1 week for the delivery).


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In order to make your own custom guitar using professional skills of The Guitar Fabric painter and Luthier you will need to provide few informations:

1. Select the guitar kit: the paint, assembly and the final guitar you will receive will be made from this kit

2. Select the solid opaque color for the guitar body: We propose around 60 different opaque colors based on Ral number. We present these differen color on a stratocaster body bu of course the color you will choose will be used to paint your selected guitar  kit body. ps: note that we present here only solid color option but other option is available on different products.

3. Select the color for the guitar neck: you can choose different option such as leave the neck natural or paint the neck as the body and the headstock as any ral color you will select.

4. Varnish the neck and the body: you can choose between a matt varnish or a hig gloss varnish

5. Polishing body and neck: this is optional but for extra gloss, mirror effect and anti-scratches you can request a polishing

6. Finally you have an option related to guitar assembly and adjustment. Indeed you can define your tring action low, medium and high depending on how you like to play (if nothing is selected it will be medium action by default).

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